You Have the Time

I’m a district manager for a large music retail company, a performing saxophonist, graphic designer, husband, and father of 6. Things are busy, and I’ve been asked a lot lately how I manage it all. It all comes down to just 2 main concepts; taking care of yourself and time management. It has taken me years of working myself to the bone and burning the candle at both ends to realize…

You Can.

Don’t look at all the reasons you can’t. Instead think about what you need to do so you CAN.

Have Goals

I do a lot of interviews, and one of the questions that results in some of the most unveiling answers is “Where do you see yourself in five years?”. You would be surprised how many people don’t have an answer readily available. If you don’t have goals for this year, next year, five years from now….you’re going to find yourself working exceptionally hard every day but getting nowhere. It’s easy to lay your head down at night feeling like you worked hard all day long…but did you accomplish anything? Define your trajectory. Set goals and take steps to achieve them. Without a clear target, all your efforts leave you running in place and getting nowhere. Don’t spend another day not knowing where you want to be tomorrow.

Drive Sales with 4 Simple Questions

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Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Don’t be the same next year or even next week that you are today. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable because in that place is where you discover what you’re really made of. Be better. Live, love, laugh, grow. Push yourself.