Zach Spruill

Jazz Saxophone, DJ & Custom Graphic Works since 2008


Houston Jazz Saxophone Player, DJ, Composer, & Arranger

Nationally Published Graphic Designer

Proud Endorser of RS Berkeley Musical Instruments and Rovner Products Inc.


I'm a proud endorsed artist of RS Berkeley Musical Instruments. These saxes are amazing. They provide and amazingly consistent phat, full and focused sound that I would put up against any other brand on the market, the keywork as well quality of parts and craftsmanship are reminiscent of the Selmer Mark VI. Lots of companies have tried to copy the Mark VI, but RS Berkeley to that great design and made it even better. Original consultants on the design were sax legends late Michael Brecker and Tim Ries of the Rolling Stones. If you're looking into a new horn and you haven't tried these yet, you haven't made an informed decision.

RS Berkeley Virtuoso Tenor Sax (Unlacquered)

RS Berkeley Virtuoso Alto Sax (Silver Plated)

RS Berkeley SS524 Soprano

RS Berkeley BS509 Bari


I'm also proud and fortunate to endorse ligatures by Rovner Products, Inc. Know for their "Dark" ligature that most people either love or hate, Rovner actually has 9 different styles of ligature that each provide the exact effect for your sound that they were built for. They have a ligature for every type of sound you could imagine and deliver on their purpose time and time again. Check them out. You won't be sorry.


JodyJazz DV (size 7*) with Rovner Versa X Ligature


JodyJazz Jett (size 6) with Rovner Versa Ligature


JodyJazz DV (size 7) with Rovner Ligature


Meyer Hard Rubber (size 6) with Rovner Versa X Ligature


Fibracell 3.5 on alto, tenor, & bari

Legére Signature Series 2.75 on soprano


AMT Wi5II Wireless Mic System

Bose L1 Model II System (for solo gigs)

Lexicon MX200 Reverb Unit

Electro Harmonix Q-Tron+ Envelope Filter

Electro Harmonix POG2

Electro Harmonix Super Ego

Electro Harmonix Black FInger Tube Compressor

iStomp Multi-Effects Unit

Boss RC-3 Loop Pedal

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