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Houston Jazz Saxophone Player, DJ, Composer, & Arranger

Nationally Published Graphic Designer

Proud Endorser of RS Berkeley Musical Instruments and Rovner Products Inc.

The trend towards social media use is only growing, and taking full advantage of your business' social media platforms to reach your target market has become a necessity.

Why? Likes, followers, and fans can equate to sales. Social media is not simply a fun way to interact with the consumer. A properly managed social media strategy will drive brand awareness, increase market share, and ultimately translate into added revenue. Social media among some demographics is becoming more influential than print, TV, radio, and other ad platforms. There are more than 500 million people on Facebook, 255 million on Twitter, 200 million on Instagram, and more than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month. The United States makes up approximately 4% of the entire world’s population, which translates to more than 128 million Americans on Facebook, 40% of which log on every day. A properly balanced social media strategy will allow you to reach more of your target demographic than ever before.

Not sure of the best place to start? Zach will provide you with the proper tools and strategies to transform your business' social media from just likes and followers to tools for growing the company’s bottom line. Contact Zach today for your custom quote.

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